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I’m Nick Coppock and I’m the owner and lead trainer at TRI Personal Training. Although I look like a physically fit and healthy person now that wasn’t always the case. What if Itold you that just 5 years ago I was an overweight male in his mid-twenties with bad nutritional habits, drinking more alcohol than I should and doing very sporadic exercise (at best!). I was also facing redundancy at work so at a big crossroads in my career and had an 18 month old son at the time.

I decided to make a change and take control of my health and fitness. I enrolled on an intensive course to become a personal trainer with the countries leading provider of personal training courses; The European Institute of Fitness, based at the illustrious Lilleshall National Sports Centre in Shropshire. Not only did I learn new skills and how to apply them but I lost a stone in 6 weeks, gained lean muscle mass and my fitness levels went through the roof. I was hooked and have been continuing to train and apply what I learned ever since

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I’m not a proclaimed “fitness guru” and I don’t have a magic solution. However, I do have great knowledge and experience of what works and how you can get the results you want and deserve. We have developed a unique way of training that gets results fast and ensures plateaus are a thing of the past…

We at TRI Personal Training offer 2 different types of training programme:

Group based training programme Lean For Life

group based training here

One on onePersonal training

one on one personal training here


Nick is really patient, knowledgable and supportive and will help you achieve your goals

One of the biggest benefits of the small group TRI sessions is that it gives me the push I need to keep attending. We work with the same small group of people each session and I don't want to let myself, them or Nick down by not turning up, except where it's pre arranged. The location and environment make me feel comfortable and free to exercise without feeling self conscious. Everyone that goes to TRI has varying levels of ability and fitness, no one is judgemental, and having others with you makes exercising more enjoyable and fun. Nick is really patient, knowledgable and supportive and will help you achieve your goals whilst the sessions fit in to even the busiest lives. I would recommend TRI to anyone, even if you think you are too busy to find time to exercise, once you make the commitment to join, you will never look back.

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